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15 Haunted Places in Pennsylvania
15 Haunted Places in Pennsylvania
NYCdata: Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island
NYCdata Renwick Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island
NYC photo opportunities for locals, not tourists | am New York
NYC photo opportunities for locals not tourists am New York
Smallpox Hospital - Wikipedia
Smallpox Hospital - Wikipedia
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roosevelt island smallpox hospital : The Smallpox Hospital, sometimes referred to as the Renwick Smallpox Hospital and later the Maternity and Charity Hospital Training , was a hospital located on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan, New York City. Originally designed by architect James Renwick Jr., the 100-bed hospital opened in 1856, when the area was known as Blackwell's Island.Located on the southern end of Roosevelt Island, this landmark structure is an icon of New York City. Built in 1854, it was the first major U.S. hospital dedicated to the care of victims of smallpox and also served as one of the city's foremost nursing schools.Discover Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins in New York, New York: A crumbling hospital from the 1850s on Roosevelt Island.Smallpox Hospital was the first hospital in the country to receive patients with smallpox. New York residents afflicted with the disease were quarantined by law at the "Blackwell's Island" (the island's name at the time) hospital. Once a successful vaccine was implemented in the late 1800s, the hospital was closed.Smallpox Hospital. Just before you reach Four Freedoms Park, you’ll walk past the ruins of the weed-covered Smallpox Hospital, which, when it opened in 1856, was the first hospital in the country dedicated to the treatment of the infectious disease. ... Roosevelt Island Historical Society. The Roosevelt Island Historical Society runs a small ...In the weird of land that is Roosevelt Island is this very cool historical site which is the Renwick Ruins. A condemned smallpox hospital on the southern end, it's a preserved Gothic structure, preserved in its state of decay. It's almost surreal to see, especially at night, when it's lit up like a huge haunted mansion.The Story Behind the Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins. Share this article: Depending on your perspective, one of the best parts (or worst parts) of New York City is that it is ever-changing. Old buildings are constantly going down while newer ones spring up overnight to take their place.Accordingly, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 63 of the City of New York and Chapter 8-A of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, the Landmarks Preservation Commission designates as a Landmark the Smallpox Hospital, Roosevelt Island, located near the southern end of the Island, approximately opposite East 52nd Street, Borough of ...(K) Smallpox Hospital (also known as the “Renwick Ruins”) Inside of Southpoint Park are the remnants of a smallpox hospital built on the island in 1856. This site is considered one of NYC’s secret gems, though not everyone knows that. This article from Jetline Cruise explains why the Smallpox Hospital ruins are so alluring.These three, like the Smallpox Hospital, are in the Gothic Revival style which Renwick favored in the early years of his career. Later in his career, he would also design buildings in the French, Second Empire style. A notable example of this was Charity Hospital on Roosevelt Island.

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From the famous abandoned Smallpox Hospital to the flashy new buildings of Cornell Tech, here's everything to do on your Roosevelt Island excursion.Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in New York City's East River, within the borough of Manhattan.It lies between Manhattan Island to its west and the borough of Queens, on Long Island, to its east.Running from the equivalent of East 46th to 85th Streets on Manhattan Island, it is about 2 miles (3.2 km) long, with a maximum width of 800 feet (240 m), and a total area of 147 acres (0.59 km 2).Hidden Treasures of Roosevelt Island: Smallpox Hospital and Four Freedoms Park On October 27, 2016 October 27, 2016 By Susan at FindingNYC In Architecture , Free , Parks In the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens is Roosevelt Island, with the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge stretching overhead.It's close to blasphemy in some Roosevelt Island circles, but common sense demands that we take a hard look at the pile of rubble, known variously as the Renwick Ruins, the Smallpox Hospital or a combination of both, scaring the southend of Southpoint before pouring more hundreds of thousands of dollars into it with no other goal than "public access."The hospital accommodated about a hundred patients at a time, and its turnover was rapid. You either recovered from smallpox or you didn’t. Its center building is made entirely, from front to back, of the island’s own schist rock, quarried, cut, dressed, and laid by prisoners of the penitentiary.At the height of the smallpox outbreak, more than 13,000 people died at Renwick, which opened as a 100-bed hospital on what was then called Blackwell's Island in 1856.Renwick Smallpox Hospital History. Opened in 1856, this smallpox hospital on the southern tip of Blackwell's Island (now Roosevelt Island) was part of a multitude of public institutions to care for New York City's unfortunate and destitute.The island sits between Queens and Manhattan, and was easily accessible by ferry; it was home to a prison, insane asylum, and other similar facilities.One of the most ‘haunted places’ on Roosevelt Island according to some is the former Smallpox Hospital (also known as the Renwick Ruin). Built in 1854 by James Renwick (the architect of New York City’s famous St. Patricks Cathedral), this hospital served smallpox patients and trained nurses before it was abandoned in the 1950’s.Meeting Point: Meet guide in front of the Smallpox Hospital ruins inside Southpoint Park. If you are walking from the F train or the tramway stop, continue south along West Road until you reach the entrance. Tour ends near The Octagon tower at the north end of Roosevelt Island.The ruin, originally a smallpox hospital designed by noted architect James Renwick, will be the centerpiece of a new Southpoint Park on the island. The Conservancy pressured the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation for years to stabilize this important structure and much work remains to be done.

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